Drain Repair and Cleaning

Drain Repair and Cleaning

Drain Repair and Cleaning by Westin Nielsen

Drain Repair and Cleaning

If you have any severely clogged sewer, you should request for drain cleaning services. At Westin Nielsen Property Maintenance Services, we are masters at Drain Repair or cleaning out drains to prevent clogging. We can also stop problems returning in the future.

  • Frequent Drain Clogs
  • Several spaces anywhere drain clogs usually occur include:
  • The apparatus trap
  • The central drain
  • Sharp curves also directional differences in sub-pipes
  • Drain lines

A qualified specialist is required to find the root of the problem, and our local expert plumbers have worked within the business long enough to understand wherever to look for the drain clog.

We can also discover clogged sewers all this way to the sewer line, taking the job done in the quickest time possible.

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Westin Nielsen is here for you when you need a drain repair or cleaning service. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

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    Cable (Snake) Drain Cleaning Service

    Cable Drain Cleaning

    Further than manpower is needed to treat a clogged drain. Wet wield the right equipment to get any job done. At Westin Nielsen Services, we have every type of drain cleaning machine.

    Extending from small hand snakes to drain devices capable of cleaning large sewer mains. One of these most important devices in our arsenal is the cable drain cleaning machine, more known as the drain vermin.

    This machine cleans drains and sewers with rotating a flexible cord made of piano cable through the pipe. Accessories at the end of the cable aid the method by scraping, boring, cutting and recovering pipe blockages.

    Each type of pipe blockage is complex and needs knowledge of the proper size cable also the right cutting end. Our drain cleaning and repair professionals have the special knowledge of the tools to get the job done in the most productive way possible.

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    Westin Nielsen Property Maintenance was established in response to the growing need for quality central installations. We know emergencies can’t wait and will quickly send out someone to quickly resolve any situation you are faced with.

    • And we only use high-quality tradespeople
    • We are always working hard to ensure all work is compleated on-time
    • Our response time is usually only 1-2 hours
    • We are on call 24H a day 365 days a year
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    Clean Drain Cleaning Services

    Water Jet Drain Unblocking

    A water jet is a specially designed powerful pump that flourishes away obvious blockages also clears heavily clogged drains. While many cases, Westin Nielsen Services will utilize this machine to remove away the drain clog so water can run freely again.

    A high powered jet machine is always the most effective way for cleaning drains, not all plumbers use them when required. At Westin Nielsen, we get the job done right, the prime time, every time 24/7.

    Clean Drain Cleaning Services

    Also though drain cleaning is a dirty job, there’s never excuses for leaving a mess inside your house when conducting the service. At Westin Nielsen Property Maintenance, our aim is to appreciate your house also leave it looking like we’ve never been there. Our professionals have the entire clean by using floor mats and booties to guard the floors.

    They will get the work done quickly so water will be running through your sewers again so you can go back on schedule. If the job is finished, we will leave your house like it was before we came so you can trust our Westin Nielsen Drain Repair and Cleaning and team to provide the best, honest service in town!

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    A Complete Drain Repair service

    Drain Repairs/Blockages

    We can do any drain repairs required. Whether this issue is a blockage or any leaks, we can detect the problem also fix your drain fast for and at an affordable price. We use only the very latest in technological tools to diagnose your drainage problem.

    CCTV Detection

    Unlike any companies who will essentially destroy your garden, house or driveway to detect the cause of this problem, we utilise CCTV cameras to locate and diagnose this problem so that we can next decide upon this best course of action to take to carry out your drain repair.


    We are also a legitimate company. We will look for an alternative to excavation as this cost more and usually not necessary. From this initial camera footage we produce, we will know if this is possible first to try to repair your drain with a structural soft felt lining or structural patch partition which is less invasive also a more practical solution.

    Drain Repair Problem

    You can trust Westin Nielsen regularly to provide you with an honest, fair diagnosis of the problem. However, should your drain repairs be a much more complicated issue like requiring an excavation or replacement pipes. We will always quote fairly. Also, we will give you a full survey of the work that’s needed.

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