Domestic Wiring – Rewiring – Rewiring a House

Domestic Wiring – Rewiring

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Westin Nielsen Services is committed to the installation of domestic wiring installations for any of your requirements. We specialise in domestic house wiring, including rewiring a house, home rewire or any other electrical rewiring obligations. That includes lighting plan, power systems such as meter upgrades, Cat 5-6e installations, satellite and phone systems. Any electrical requirement you may have we are sure that we can fill the need.

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Westin Nielsen is here for you when you have an emergency. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

Domestic Electrician

When you need I, Domestic Electrician?

Do you have any none-protected, old or outdated wiring in your house? Well, they have outlasted their hazardous and helpful time, and now is the time to re-wire and replace them with a reliable and current wiring.

How about those Plugs sockets? They too must be updated and replaced to meet the expected standard of today’s latest devices and gadgets. These are intended to eliminate any possible severe shocks and other risks in your living room and kitchen; and at the same time, protecting yourself from harm. Our Domestic Electrician is one of the best around and can manage any project big or small.

Steps we take when rewiring a house

  1. An “electrical inventory,” We create a record of all the devices you are using in the home, and where. The new electrical system must match your requirements; we will conclude where and how you’ll be using power making it easier to construct the parameters of the project.
  2. We then determine whether you want to run just electrical, or fire, data and security too. New wiring does not only carry electricity, and wireless systems are becoming frequently cheaper and more advanced.
  3. We then create a comprehensive plan of action. Once we have done our initial homework, we will create a punch list that concentrates on what you want to be done and when you want it finished.
  4. We take care when installing new wiring, avoiding damage is making certain nobody strikes holes in pipes or existing wiring. This sort of awareness is our a priority in any rewiring job.

Ask twice, drill once”—one old electrician’s credo—are terms to live by.

Time for a rewire

Be conscious of the old or corroded ‘load centre’ / ‘circuit breaker panels’ and consider a replacement with a reliable, modern or new panel. To stop those endless flickering lights and tripping breakers that can damage your delicate electronics and other valuable appliances.

If you are concerned about any situation, call ‘us’ and ‘we’ would be glad to help you before the unexpected occurs.

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    Domestic Wiring – Rewiring Conclusion

    Our ‘electricians’ are very skilled and are open to addressing any rewire measures to remove any current ‘violations’ recognised during their visit to your home. Call us for any domestic wiring installations services, or the need for more info on rewiring a house, Westin Nielsen has the fastest response time. Our exceptional character and a long list of happy customers attest to our excellent craftsmanship, clear communication, attention to detail, integrity and honesty. Just ask for our clients

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