Electrical testing services | Electrical Services

Electrical testing services | Electrical Services

We Provide Professional Electrical Services

Electrical testing and inspections is a necessary procedure. Electrical test and inspection is a crucial job and can be challenging. So it’s essential to let a specialist do it. The electrical test report will be displayed in a test certificate which is a legal paper. This certificate is comparable to a fault log record, but it also includes a tally of events of each fault. Electrical test over temperature is the standard, used for testing a component’s operative and parametric specifications. Usually at the suggested manufacturers or particular industry excessive working temperatures. Electrical services testing is an essential task and can be exhausting and awkward, as the power has to be switched off for some tests. Westin Nielsen can usually work around you losing power entirely in the home, workplace or office.

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Electrical Testing Services |Electrical Services

Electrical Services Inspection

The inspection provides the ideal opportunity for checking the general condition of the equipment and that all parts are in sound condition. Our experienced electrical services team gives a comprehensive examination and testing service. Assuring that anything from a mobile home to a warehouse complex is working as safely and efficiently as possible.

A periodical inspection report will show if any circuits or electrical devices are being overloaded. It would also find any possible electrical shock hazards and fire risks in an installation. And identify any faulty do it yourself electrical work. Lastly, it can identify any shortage of bonding, earthing.

Landlords Electrical Testing Services

We carry out electrical condition reports and electrical periodic inspection reports for several local Estate Agencies. We will collect keys for entrance to premises for your convenience. Also, the promise that all our electricians and workers carry company identification.

All rented premises testing work and electrical inspection is thoroughly documented. And it gives an accurate and independent report describing the state of the electrical installation in your leased premises. All electrical testing services and checks at properties on behalf of landlords are by adequately qualified and skilled electricians.

P.A.T. Testing

For devices with detachable leads, the condition of the fittings on both ends of the lead should be examined. You should take care that the lead and device remain undamaged. And ensure not to have loose wires or any separated connections. Permanently wired appliances should just be tested without removing the plug case or breaking the electrical connections.

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Electrical Services

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    Electrical Testing Services Conclusion

    Whether you need P.A.T testing, Electrical Services or one of our extensive range of electrical testing services Westin Nielsen services are on hand. We have experienced electrition that can visit your premises and fix any issues.

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