Emergency Light Installation | Emergency Exit Lights

Emergency lighting testing | Emergency Light Installation

If your emergency lighting fails to operate correctly in an emergency, those people indoors are also prone to panic, creating unsafe conditions. This is why proper maintenance and testing should be part of your fire protection plan. Our Emergency Light Installation and testing service will keep people secure in your business premises. Emergency exit lighting tests from Westin Nielsen guarantee that battery-backup lights function correctly in case of a potential blackout. Here’s everything our emergency lighting testing process entails:

Inspect fixtures for proper installation and protected mounting.

Monitor for proper mounting locations and quantity of lights for the building’s capacity and occupancy.

Utilize the built-in test switch to assume a power outage. United Kingdom’s Fire Protection Association Requires a:

  • 30-second test every 30 days and a 90-minutes
  • Investigate bulbs for proper illumination.
  • Test the batteries.
  • Verify appropriate electrical voltage.

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Emergency Light Installation | Emergency Exit Lights

Emergency Exit Lighting Testing

During an Emergency Exit Lighting test, our professionals will fix any problems they find. It’s also likely for you to notice something wrong with your emergency lights between tests, during which case you should call Westin Nielsen Services immediately for a repair. The earlier you act, the shorter time your business will be left unprotected in an emergency. Here are the repair services we provide:

  • Light bulb replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Broken sign or equipment replacement
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    Emergency Light Installation

    Emergency Light Installation

    Westin Nielsen Services has served businesses with honesty and loyalty, and excellent customer service. We are the experts at what we do because our technicians are highly qualified and motivated. Furthermore, our fully trained team are ready for any emergency light installation Job. The next time you require an emergency lighting testing, installed or repaired, let our skilled team do the job.

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