Extra Plug sockets – Light Installations

We offer the best extra plug socket, light installations around.

Extra plug Socket, Light Switch Installation

If you want to add a socket or light switch in your home, Westin Nielsen Services can renew your home’s electrical installation by additional power outlets and switches to make things more useful. We offer the best extra plug socket, light installations around.

Not having sufficient electrical sockets in your house means hassle. Extension cords are just intended to be used short-term also can be unsafe if misused. Broken outlets, repositories, even a switch wiring can be deadly also are possible fire risks. Our accredited electricians are residential electrical installation specialists. We troubleshoot, the replacement also fix any home electrical power terminal rather than an extra plug outlet you need.

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Westin Nielsen is here for you when you have an emergency. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

Extra plug Socket, Light Switch Installation

Extra Plug and Light Socket Installation

There is no plug or light socket we cannot install. So if you find yourself short of sockets to plug in your devices give Westin Nielsen Services a call today.

  • 240 amp appliance sockets
  • Pop-up electrical sockets
  • Dryer including appliance outlets
  • Weather-proof outside outlets
  • Pop-up ele
  • 240 amp
  • Apparatus outlets
  • Electrical outlets
  • Wall, ground plus speciality repositories including outlets
  • Recessed outlets
  • Dimmers also lighting switches
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    Extra plug Socket, Light Switch Installation

    Red carpeting treatment from the start until the finish – We respect yourself and your home

    Phone to talk to a real operator that will get an available appointment that suits your plan. You’ll obtain an email from our service including your technician including a photo also a brief bio before the tech arrives. Our tech will come on time including some red carpet also footwear protection to defend your carpets plus we use drop materials to protect your house also furnishings.

    Extra plug Socket, Light Switch

    Our tech will listen to your matters, diagnose your circumstance also present you with specific choices to solve your additional plugs or lights requirements. We simply use the best components also tools for lasting repairs. Once you show us what option you pick this figure you see means the amount you pay! Your satisfaction means 100% guaranteed or your repair is free.

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