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We offer a first class central heating services. Covering all types of heating install tasks including Central Heating Installation, Boiler repair and service, Underfloor Heating Installation and Central Heating flushing. No job to big or too small. We are always on hand to help if you need us. 

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Westin Nielsen is here for central heating services. We are always on call to help whenever you require us.

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We On Call To Help With Any Gas Central Heating Services

The best central heating services

If you want reliable central heating services we can help. Whether you’re going to restore your old heating system or install one from scratch. You can have peace of mind when Westin Nielsen is on the job. We are one of the UK’s best gas central heating installation firms.

Central heating installation cost all inclusive

Renewing from electric storage heating to central heating can save hundreds of pounds during heating bills each year. Central heating installation is a comparatively straightforward job for one of our specialist installer.

The only difficulties usually found is in accessibility for laying the copper pipework for the new heating system. An unfurnished house would make this installation easier also faster. For a two-storey four-bedroom home, it should take our crew around 4 days to finish the installation.

Gas Central Heating Services

When it comes to gas central heating services. Whether you’re want to fix your old heating system or install one from scratch. You can always have peace of mind when Westin Nielsen is on the job. We may not be the biggest firm in the UK but we try to be the best.

We have a Large range of Central heating systems for all size buildings. From big industrial buildings to little cottages we have you covered. All our Boilers are of the highest quality and have up to 25 Years warranty.

Boiler Repair and Boiler Service

Trust Westin Nielsen with your boiler repair or boiler service. Use our helpful information which covers every aspect of our boiler repair and services. It’s essential to maintain your boiler once a year so that any underlying defects can be pulled up also addressed. A service will guarantee your boiler remains safe to use and will support your manufacturer’s warranty, where appropriate.

Annual Boiler Service

If you book your annual boiler service with Westin Nielsen, our Gas Safe registered technician will attend your house at a time that’s suitable for your schedule. They’ll examine your boiler also illustrate their conclusions, along with any required next steps. Your boiler controls will be examined, along with the pressure settings, security appliances, pipes also circling pipework.

Combi Boiler central heating services

Looking for combi boiler installation? We’re here to help. We are a leading combi boiler installer. Find out how much your boiler installation will cost by getting a boiler quote. We will e-mail you your quote immediately.

The cost of a combi boiler installation depends on the size of your home and the number of bathrooms. You may also need several other upgrades to bring everything up to standard. Converting from a traditional gravity system to a mains pressure one is something we often do; this means careful planning and thoughtful work.

A new programmer, circulating pump and thermostat also affects the price. An old heating system may need a complete power flush to clear out old sludge. Book a boiler installation survey below and get an accurate price for your home, it’s completely free.

Underfloor heating service

Here at Westin Nielsen Services, we are committed to producing quality and effective underfloor heating servicing. As qualified and skilled engineers, we can take out or install any electrical underfloor heating system with minimum destruction to your flooring and with little bother; we can find mistakes under tiles, carpeting, timber and many other surfaces in your house also on your place.

Underfloor heating repair

We use the advanced fault finding technology to discover the problem correctly within millimetres; we will then carry out an electric underfloor heating repair to correct the problem, no matter whether the system isn’t warming to its full potential or it’s merely tripping your electrics.

Central Heating Power Flush

If your central heating system does not work to its full capacity, is performing strange sounds or remains slow to warm up. You may benefit from our professional central heating power flush service. The technique will be able to remove any build up inside the system itself.

It can also save you money in the long run

Eradicating sludge, rust and additional contaminants within those old pipes. This cleans out coils, heat exchangers including radiators. This will bring your central heating system back to its full power.

A central heating power flush can not just enhance the quality of heating. You will see a big reduction throughout your house or business premises in heating costs. A power flush also saves the lifespan of your system and save you money. Just look at what nearly happened to a pensioner that got told she needed a whole new heating system when a simple power flush solved the problem.


Professional Services

We are the best in the business at finding the right tradesperson for you. This is something we have been doing for a very long time and are very good at it. We offer fair quotes and can usually beat any local price online.  If you need any maintenance work, call our friendly team how can quickly dispatch a qualified person that can help.

  • Customer Service: Your issues are important to us and we assure you that we completely understand your needs. We guarantee a fast and effective response to your requests.
  • Price: We are always trying to lower the cost of our services without compromising on quality. We are now one of the cheapest maintenance groups online.
  • Trust: We work hard to ensure your happy with our services. It is our goal to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship., As you never know when you could need our services again.
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