Boiler Installation – Combi Boiler Installation

The Best Boiler Installation - Combi Boiler Installation Service

The Best Boiler Installation - Combi Boiler Installation Service

Boiler Installation Service

Here at Westin Nielsen Property Maintenance, we have years of experience in providing the best quality boiler installations and services to customers. In that time, we have become accredited suppliers and installers of all leading heating, hot water and combi boiler brands. Giving you the best choice possible for your needs.

New Boiler Systems installed

Our dedication to providing the best possible standard at the lowest possible rate. This means that we will beat any price from national gas companies. And we offer a two to five-year parts and labour guarantee on every new boiler installation. We are available for consultation to determine your needs. 

Combi Boiler Installation

Looking for combi boiler installation? We’re here to help. We are a leading combi boiler installer. Find out how much your boiler installation will cost by getting a boiler quote. We will e-mail you your quote immediately. Or check out our Central heating price list

The cost of a combi boiler installation depends on the size of your home and the number of bathrooms. You may also need several other upgrades to bring everything up to standard.

Converting from a traditional gravity system to a mains pressure one is something we often do; this means careful planning and thoughtful work.

A new programmer, circulating pump and thermostat also affects the price. An old heating system may need a complete power flush to clear out old sludge. Book a boiler installation survey below and get an accurate price for your home, it’s completely free.

New Boiler Installation

Westin Nielsen is recognised as the region’s premier heating company for both homes and businesses. Carrying out new boiler installation work as well as a whole host of other heating services.

We’ve been installing and servicing boilers and are now one of the largest, independently owned heating companies in the UK. Our experience of combi boiler installation projects and all things heating is second to none.

We are on call 24H a day 07958 386 455

Westin Nielsen is here for you when you need an appliance installed. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

Boiler Installation - Combi Boiler Installation Quote

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    Choose Westin Nielsen for your combi boiler installation

    Why should you choose Westin Nielsen for your combi boiler installation?

    We are the UK’s leading independent heating specialist, trusted by our customers to keep them safe and warm wherever they are. Every day of the year.

    Our expert and friendly team listen to, understand and respond to our customers. Providing value for money, straightforward and worry-free solutions. We provide trusted advice on the latest energy saving products.

    We set safety and service standards to which others aspire, employing the latest technology. To provide excellent communication with our customers and a fast, effective and efficient service response.

    Westin Nielsen is recognised as the region’s premier heating company for both homes and businesses. Carrying out combi boiler installation work as well as a whole host of other heating services.

    New boiler installation

    Boilers that are over ten years old can waste a lot of valuable and expensive energy.

    Older boilers convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat which has a significant impact on your home heating bills. And also the environment. We specialise in new boiler installation and renewable energy products using the latest technology available.

    Depending on your heating and hot water demand different types of new boilers are available. Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding new boiler installation.

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    Let us do The Hard Work

    What are the benefits of a gas boiler installation?

    A combi boiler means you have hot water and heating whenever and wherever you need it. With no hot water tank, you are only paying for hot water and heating when you use it. Rather than having to store pre-heated water in tanks wastefully and expensively. You will see your energy bills reduced and you will love the convenience of hot water whenever you need it if you choose a combi boiler installation.

    New Boiler Installation – Which Boiler is suitable for you?

    Choosing the correct boiler is a vital decision for any household. As gas boiler installers, we are here to help you make the right choice.  Call us, and we will be happy to discuss what is best for you. Most types of boilers are high efficiency or ‘condensing’ boilers.

    This Means the boiler recovers more heat from the gas burnt, making them much more efficient than conventional boilers. With seasonal efficiencies of more than 90%. Although high-efficiency boilers are more expensive to install, they are very economical. And can repay the extra initial cost in fuel savings.

    New boiler installation

    Gas and Oil boilers that are over ten years old waste a lot of valuable energy, the energy that you have paid for.
    If you’re looking for cost-efficient heating, you should be aware that current building regulations state that any replacement or new gas or oil fired boiler must be a condensing boiler.

    Older boilers convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat which has a big impact on your home heating bills and the environment. We specialise in the installation of condensing boilers and renewable energy products. And using the latest technology available.

    Modern condensing boilers improve efficiency to over 90% which could save you a minimum of 30% per year on your home heating bills, which represents a big saving over the lifetime of your boiler. You can read more on Boiler consumption here

    Depending on your heating and hot water demand different types of condensing boilers are available,

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    We are on call 24 hours a day to help with any emergency.

    Professional and friendly electric boiler installation

    Electric boiler installation

    Why might you need a new electric boiler installation?  The majority of the time, our customers are looking to install an electric boiler. When gas has not been supplied to the property. Or it is of insufficient size and cannot be upgraded without causing major disruption (i.e. new flats or in central city locations).

    Furthermore, recent changes in legislation regarding flues on gas boilers have meant that pipes must be visible along the whole length of the flue. Which again often cannot be made without substantial works. 

    This requirement has led to a considerable improvement in the technology surrounding electric boilers and consequently a sharp rise in our installation numbers.

    The following provides a very brief description of the different domestic heating and hot water arrangements.  This will help us determine which electric boiler type might be required within your property.

    Benefits of choosing an electric boiler installation

    • The only choice, where gas supply is not available or not possible.
    • No flue required, so can be located almost anywhere.
    • Virtually silent in operation.
    • Can provide central heating only or central heating & hot water.
    • Can be used for underfloor heating.
    • Very little heat loss, with over 99% efficiency.
    • Ideal for flats & apartments, holiday homes or light commercial.
    • No fumes and no risk of carbon monoxide.
    • No annual safety certificate required.
    • Boilers can be used with standard radiators & thermostatic valves.
    • Domestic models available from 4kW to 15kW.
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    Oil Boiler Installation Service

    Oil boiler installation By Westin Nielsen

    Oil boilers are less commonly found in the UK compared to their natural gas counterparts. However, they remain an attractive option for those properties that are not connected to the natural gas network.

    Most oil boiler appliances are fed by a supply of stored oil which is kept in a tank (externally to the property). The benefit of this is that the homeowner is free to shop around for a good deal on fuel and is not tied to one supplier.

    Oil boiler fitting

    What type of oil boilers are available? Oil fired boilers do practically everything their conventional gas-fired counterparts can. And just as with gas boilers, you can choose from traditional heat only or combination oil boilers.

    All new oil boiler installations will utilise condensing technology and adhere to the latest efficiency guidelines.

    Condensing oil boilers are designed to recycle the heat with an extra heat exchanger. So that the hot exhaust gases are used to pre-heat the water in the boiler system. This, therefore, reduces energy consumption and costs.

    How much does a new oil boiler cost?

    Westin Nielsen Property Maintenance is proud to offer an oil boiler installation service which is second to none. Every oil boiler installation is different, so to give you an accurate price for the work involved.

    We will need to talk to you first. As we need to find out more and organise for a consultant to visit on a free no obligation basis to carry out a site survey.


    Vaillant boiler installation

    Vaillant boiler installation service

    Vaillant is one of the UK’s most popular boiler brands, thanks to their extensive range of A-rated boilers and fantastic aftercare service. This is why our Vaillant boiler installation service has been so popular last year and this year.

    Vaillant has manufactured some of the biggest selling boilers around. So much so that there is bound to be a Vaillant boiler model for heating systems of all shapes and sizes. You are bound to find a boiler in their ever popular Ecotec series that meets your requirements.

    Vaillant Combi Boilers

    Vaillant Combi Boilers are simple all-in-one packages which supply heating and hot water to your property. Combi boilers are the perfect choice for those that want an instant source of hot water instead of having to rely on stored water in hot water cylinders.

    For this reason, Vaillant’s combi boiler range is incredibly popular for homes where space is at a premium. As there is no requirement for space-consuming items like tanks or cylinders.

    All of Vaillant’s combi boilers are A-rated, offering the highest possible levels of heating and hot water performance.


    We are on call 24H a day 07958 386 455

    Westin Nielsen is here for you if you need boiler installations or Combi Boiler Installations. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

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