Underfloor Heating Installation | Underfloor Heating Repair

Underfloor Heating Installation | Underfloor Heating Repair

Underfloor Heating Installation

Why Install Underfloor Heating?

One of the principal advantages of our underfloor heating installation is the fact that as all of the pipework is below the floor, you get more space as you free up a wall which would have held a radiator. It is also a highly effective way to warm your place as the warmth is spread equally, in the lower part of the room and over a greater area,  unlike radiators which warm up the air around them, which then promptly rises to the top of the room.

A Water underfloor heating system is very more challenging to install than an electrical underfloor heating system. It can sit under most types of floors, such as stone, tile, wood and even carpeted surfaces. With either of the underfloor heating systems, there is the likely upheaval of having to get under your floor to connect it. Ideally, you would be joining your underfloor heating system either in a new build or if you are already having some job done on your floor.

How underfloor heating works

As a water underfloor heating system spread the heat a lot more evenly than a radiator, the water moving through the pipes do not need to be as hot as it would appear to heat the room using a heater. This makes your boiler more efficient and helps to reduce your fuel bill.

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Westin Nielsen is here for you when you need us to help with your underfloor heating installation. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

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Heating mats the Installation!

DIY Underfloor Heating Installation

If you use a water underfloor heating system, it should be fixed using a professional as it is a much more difficult process than just rolling out the electric under floor mats that most people who are good at DIY jobs should be capable of fitting themselves. Otherwise, call Westin Nielsen for any type of underfloor heating installation.

Underfloor Heating Mats

Electrical underfloor heating mats have grown more common in both brand-new builds as well as retrofitting on subsisting subfloors. If yourself has chosen that underfloor heating is everything you have fancied the decision for your scheme and that an electrical system is a route to consider. This article presents you with a summary of the different ones available, remarkable differences between them, plus offering a more in-depth experience of electrical underfloor heat mats.

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    Underfloor heating repair

    Underfloor heating service

    Here at Westin Nielsen Services, we are committed to producing quality and effective underfloor heating servicing. As qualified and skilled engineers, we can take out or install any electrical underfloor heating system with minimum destruction to your flooring and with little bother; we can find mistakes under tiles, carpeting, timber and many other surfaces in your house also on your place.

    Underfloor heating repair 

    We use the advanced fault finding technology to discover the problem correctly within millimetres; we will then carry out an electric underfloor heating repair to correct the problem, no matter whether the system isn’t warming to its full potential or it’s merely tripping your electrics.

    Before you begin to have the system acts efficiently, yourself would need to guarantee that the floor is correctly preserved and that there is a sufficient space to support the insulation and the pipes. In some examples, you might have to upgrade the floor level to take everything within.

    For more information on an underfloor heating installation or underfloor heating repairs service call today 

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