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Professional Board up Services

If your house has been destroyed, you can rely on Westin Nielsen to provide an extraordinarily high level of boarding up service, including our 24/7 accident board up service. One phone call to our dedicated helpline team is all that is needed. A professional will then visit to completely fix your house or business. We can also give temporary boarding until a sufficient repair can be done.

We will attend your premises quickly, day or night, to get your home safe and then take measurements for brand-new glass, doors or structure. Our glazers board up quickly and make accurate examinations to ensure the right specifications remain supported. Also, the right parts are fitted. In some cases, little glass mirrors also some glass panels in some doors can be fixed immediately.

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    We are on call 24 hours a day to help with any emergency.

    Our Range of Glazing Services

    We can help with all types of glazing problems, below are a few issues that we help can resolve.

    The Benefits Of Using Our 24-Hour Locksmith Services

    Professional board up service

    From the time you arrange your phone call, our sales team will:

    • Coordinate with our technician’s to create an assessment
    • Order new parts
    • Make the fitting for the replacements.

    All calls to us are handled in our central helpline by adequate staff that recognizes the urgency to act and reacts immediately. Local operatives visit, 24-hours a day, wherever the emergency in the UK. We try to have technicians onsite in under an hour during the night.

    • 24-hr Callout
    • Appearance inside 1 hour
    • Regional civilian operatives
    • Security business established
    Professional board up service

    We are on call 24H a day 07958 386 455

    Westin Nielsen is here for you when you have an emergency. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

    Broken Windows Fixed and secured

    Broken Window repair what to expect

    Whether it’s a crime or poor weather, seeing your home damaged can be stressful and traumatic. Your primary interest will be to ensure that your house or business is secure also protected. Making sure you pick the right firm to give the service is essential. After all, you are installing the security of your house in our hands. These are our key priority – safety, speed, quality and finally price.

    The speed of service.

    A burglar or a storm can strike at any time of the day or in the night, leaving your business/house vulnerable. We arrive at your property as promptly as feasible. You will not find an emergency service that performs a swift more effective as our local board up service. We are ready 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

    Good service

    The security of the assistance given is necessary – are you sure the firm can meet your requirements? For a firm that can help the board each window or door by having access to the right tools also boards remain key. It’s also essential if a firm can guarantee availability on all kinds of glass in every event of broken windows.


    High-Quality service is essential if your property is occupied. For example, the use of high-quality plywood is crucial to deterring criminals from gaining access to your premises. If you have a broken window, using an acknowledged glass fitter to fix your pain guarantees that the quality of the window fitted. For continued peace of mind, we are licensed and are fully registered.


    The last decision requires the price – in the middle of an emergency, you may not have access to funds to meet the cost of boarding or glass replacements directly, also waiting until you may delay the security of your premises. In this instance, it is essential if your insurance company can be directly charged, allowing work to start without delay.

    If you are unfortunate enough to require an emergency boarding also glazing service, contact Wetin Nielsen, Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week with certain response time from less than an hour, they continuously produce a high class and superior service.

    Broken Windows Fixed and secured

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    We are on call 24 hours a day to help with Emergency Boarding-Up.

    Emergency Boarding-Up Services

    When you need an Emergency Boarding-Up Services

    Whether you need a law enforcement officer, the fire brigade or an ambulance, you know that in the light of an emergency you should always forever dial 999. Emergency boarding-up services are pretty diverse, but, among many of us not recognizing the value of knowing who to call unto the worst has happened.  Don’t wait till it’s exceptionally too late – find out now how? Emergency boarding-up services may one day prove significant to you, your business or house. Below you will find a few situations when you will need our board up service. (hopefully, you won’t need us but we are here if you do)

    • Crime and Burglary

    Being burgled is a terrifying experience. Also, your first concern will usually be to re-secure your house. Unhappily, this will involve fixing broken windows even doors that offenders have used to enter your home or business. As it may take some time to restore both your doors or windows lastingly, knowing a quick, helpful emergency boarding-up service to secure your business immediately is required.

    • Flood damage

    Overflows have become a more regular occurrence this decade in the UK. With substantial rainfall, storms also burst riverbanks causing billions of pounds of damages. In the event of a flood, contacting our emergency boarding-up service as quickly as possible this is crucial. Every second counts our emergency boarding will merely not just help to secure your damaged property. Critically, it will also prevent additional weather damage to your business or property.

    • Fire

    Whether it is your family home or your business property, fire can create structural damage to your premises. As well as giving it at significant risk from extra costs as a result of a crime, damage or the elements. Depending on the destruction the fire caused by the fire.  Knowing a company who will attend your premises quickly to ensure it will help to stop any further trouble. Not only will we secure the property that will save you any additional loss or damage. In severe situations where your home may be severely damaged, We will also board up your property to stop unsafe entry.

    • Storm damage

    While storms are thankfully different in the UK, hurricane-force winds including massive thunderstorms are not. With both leaving a trail of destruction in their path. If a storm has damaged your home or business, you’ll need to take the help from our emergency boarding-up service.  Either broken windows, broken doors or windows in this roof will require to be securely closed up to secure your house also defend it from any further loss or destruction.

    Emergency Boarding-Up Services

    Bottom line:

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    Board up Services Bottom Line

    Nobody requires to think of the unhappy event, but when disaster hits reaching an emergency boarding-up service is required. We have a specialist board up services for any situations big or small.

    With each service that is safe, fast, high quality and also honest. You can rely on Westin Nielsen when you need the best board up service!

    • British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC)
      British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC)
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      British Standards Institution (BSI)
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      Glass and Glazing Federation
    • Kitemark (KM31905 & BS7412)
      Kitemark (KM31905 & BS7412)
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      Kitemark (PAS24 & KM35190)
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