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Front Door Repairs

Does your house have a broken door that won’t open or close correctly? Have you ever had a locksmith tell you they do not do door repair, then tell you that you need a glazier? Westin Nielsen is different, we’ve spent our resources on fixing this and now you, our clients, can enjoy the benefit of a first class door repair service.

Fully qualified technicians are on call day and night, to attend if your door produces an error. If an entry door has fallen off its pivot, joints, of course, we will work promptly to fix or replace damaged components, decreasing the hazard, assuring customer and clients safety.

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    We are on call 24 hours a day to help with any emergency.

    Our Range of Glazing Services

    We can help with all types of glazing problems, below are a few issues that we help can resolve.

    Door Repair Near Me

    Defend your house and children from thieves with appropriate and effective door repair near you.

    • Fixing of handles, warped, or heavily battered doors, by qualified specialists near you.
    • Emergency housebreaking repairs – from repairing locks to repairing broken doors.
    • All are taken out in agreement with all health & safety regulations in the UK.
    • Supplying replacement components, such as handles, bolts, or door closing mechanisms.
    • Expert repairs of wooden doors in line with your choices and funds.
    • Westin Nielsen will fix your door in a few small steps.
    Door Repair Near Me

    We are on call 24H a day 07958 386 455

    Westin Nielsen is here for you when you have an emergency. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

    Old doors replaced

    Your entrance might be damaged due to the door opening and slamming. Or perhaps it is warped, split, or damaged due to an attempted breaking. If it’s not securing or securely latching anymore, then Westin Nielsen can assist you with anything from restoring old hinges to updating the locks for insurance purposes.

    You can only count on the pros at Westin and Nelson. Here is what you can expect from our door repair service.

    • All required tools and equipment  are provided;
    • Materials if needed, can be acquired and delivered;
    • Timely and cost-efficient door repair;
    • Have your door repaired, replaced, or by an experienced technician;
    • Any type of door repairs.

    Here you can take a look at some of the door related difficulties that we can help you with:

    • Squeakiness
    • Stiffness
    • Springing
    • Misaligned lock
    • Door attachment and hanging
    • Correction
    • Refurbishment
    • Fixing or replacing closers, joints, and glass
    Old doors replaced

    Have a question? 07958 386 455

    Contact our helpful and friendly staff, who will finally fix that door.

    Available 7 days a week 24H a day

    Repairman’s tools, equipment, and parts are provided

    Our repairmen are totally equipped and will even provide you with extra parts and door components such as knobs, hinges, hangers. But, keep in mind that prices for different regions, if additionally supplied are also included in the last door repairs bill.

    Door replacements managed by qualified and efficient pros

    Even if criminals completely smashed your door, our man will be able to assist you with a few fixes here and there. And of course, they can simply replace it if there’s no end. They’ve learned all the skills and expertise for quick service with the least disturbance.

    Available 7 days a week

    No need to wait till you have a free day. Just pick up the telephone as we can help you any day of the week 24h a day.

    Our Repairman’s tools

    uPVC door repairs

    Are You On The Lookout For A Reliable Company To Conduct UPVC Door Repair? Stop. Get In Touch With Westin Nelson Today.

    Are you tired of your uPVC door issues? It is high time you stopped trying to push or squeeze your way in or out of your own house and arrange UPVC door repair. We are a company that provides repair and replacement services for doors and windows throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on our repair capabilities.

    At Westin Neilson Windows, we are focused on continuously developing ourselves to become more apt at everything we do. We make it a point to stay up-to-date with all the latest techniques and materials currently in use for UPVC door repair.

    Stop Pushing, Shoving, Pressing In Or Stumbling Into Your Personal House, Enter It With Westin Nelson By Arranging A UPVC Door Repair

    We can help if your broken door,

    Door catches on the side or bottom of the block. This often occurs because of these doors open and contract with changes in temperature due to their steel layer. Your door becomes misaligned due as a consequence of contractions due to temperature differences.

    • Door handles become difficult to operate
    • Handles go up, and the key cannot be applied
    • The door is unlocked, but the stems will not go down
    • The door handles are floppy and wobbly
    • The key just works from one side.

    Our specialists are especially apt at managing most problems, associated with a uPVC door and window.

    uPVC door repairs

    Quickest uPVC door repair

    We Know The in’s and out’s of uPVC Door Repairs

    We know that uPVC Doors are quite popular in houses, in truth, they are pretty popular all over the UK. The idea is mainly that they add a doll house like the look to the front entrance of a house. There are some other reasons for the increase in populate of the doors. For example, these are cheap and low maintenance and don’t require repainting. They are immune to rot and fires as well.

    This door is the UK’s popular door

    Also, uPVC doors give a high level of protection as these doors are covered with a layer of steel and are quite hard to break- in. Sometimes a break in may occur, or your door may get stuck or the handle breaks. This is when you may need a uPVC Door Repairs service like ours. In such circumstances, we are the people to get in contact with. Westin Neilson Property Maintenance will have your door fixed in no time at all, depending on the damage or the dilemma.

    Quickest uPVC door repair

    Westin Nielsen on call 07958 386 455

    We are on call 24 hours a day to help with an emergency door repair.

    Bottom line:

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    Door Repairs Bottom Line

    Our technicians have built up a vast experience of the door shutting equipped and tools. We use them to improve floor closers, transom closers and fire door securing devices. If your door becomes difficult to open, settles very gradually, or worse, doesn’t close at all, call us and ask about a cost-effective repair.

    For door repairs, we operate closely with worldwide manufacturers and are convinced we can source most parts, or suggest a replacement if a part has been discontinued. We solely fit tried, tested, and certified parts as goods unreliability are never worth the risk.

    • British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC)
      British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC)
    • British Standards Institution (BSI)
      British Standards Institution (BSI)
    • FENSA
    • Glass and Glazing Federation
      Glass and Glazing Federation
    • Kitemark (KM31905 & BS7412)
      Kitemark (KM31905 & BS7412)
    • Kitemark (PAS24 & KM35190)
      Kitemark (PAS24 & KM35190)
    • Kitemark
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      Secured By Design

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