Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal Service

Dead Animal Removal Service

Efficient Dead Animal Removal and Dignified Pet Cremation Across London

Calling specialists for late animal departure save you headaches. You’ll avoid getting into contact with the remains of dead, disease-transmitting animals, birds or snakes. Or if you have just lost your pet and are too emotional you can’t handle it. A qualified specialist will adequately take care of the precious pet’s remains.

In case your loved pet has passed away, and you would like to cremate it, we can do this for you at a specific pet cremation center. Provided with a pet crematorium, where your pet will be turned into ashes including dignity and honor.

24/7 availability for any emergency – a pest controller specialist may be sent to visit you at any moment of the day (including weekends plus Bank holidays).

Total discretion – in case you need to have the dead creatures lifted without anyone informed of this, the pest controller unit will come with an unbranded van. Your pet may also be conveyed to the pet crematorium civilly.

Certified and trained specialists who will do the job fast and safely, without creating any further bother.

Avoid health risks. The scent of a dead creature is pretty disturbing. Any connection with this animal’s carcass also requires a high threat to human well-being. When it is removed, there will be absolutely nothing to worry about anymore. We can also remove pests from commercial premises at competing rates.

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Westin Nielsen is here for you when you need dead animal removal issues. We are always on call to help whenever you require our services.

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    Dead Animals We Can Take

    We can assist you with removing the following animals:

    • Small mammals: rats, mice, cheats, man-eaters, dogs, animals, squirrels, bats.
    • Birds: birds, seagulls, sparrows plus more.
    • Snakes: we liquidate only dead reptiles.

    Dead birds might end up at your house or garden even if you’ve never brought them onto your property before. If you have cats that walk in your home freely, it’s entirely plausible to find a carcass of a dead bird at your property.

    We also remove snakes but only if they are dead. In fact, if there is an active snake anywhere around or inside your property, it’s best to find an alternative method to remove it without killing it. As reptiles are a natural form of pest control and are highly essential for the natural environment.

    NOTE: We don’t remove dead animals of a bigger size such as cows, horses, deer, pigs. If this is the case, please report the problem to your local council.

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    The Steps We Take to Remove Deceased Animals

    Dead Animal Removal Done The Right Way

    To ensure complete dead creature removal which is safe for both – the consumer also the professional himself, we’ve come up with few steps of operation. The service is completed efficiently. Also, no evidence of this animal’s carcass is left behind. If it’s a dead dog or remains of a rodent after rat control, our experts treat the dead animal with care until it’s entirely disposed.

    Proper gloves are used to prevent disease transmission when shifting the dead creature. The material is then nicely placed in a sealed plastic sack to avoid contact with anything on your property.

    This animal carcass is transported to an incinerator anywhere it gets degraded to ash at a big temperature.

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    No Pest is Safe With our Exterminators

    Westin Nielsen is committed to resolving your pests problems once and for all. We cover a wide range of pest control solution below are just a few.

    How Special Pet Cremation Service is Prepared

    Once we receive your request, a professional will arrive at your home, armed with functional equipment including bags to collect your deceased pet. This animal will be taken to the pet crematorium in a case with a solid lid. Once the cremation method has finished, the ashes of your pet will return to us plus we’ll safely handle them back to you.

    All laws related to the pet cremation ceremony will be strictly you ask, as we understand how vital also emotional this time is to anyone who’s been a pet owner. Leave this offensive job to our expert pest exterminators.

    Call and ask more about our prices and get an estimated quote!

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    Dead Animal Disposal

    Dead Animal Removal Guidelines

    Losing a pet or going across a dead bird or another animal in the yard isn’t something we like to think about. Understanding how to dispose of a dead creature properly and taking care of it right away is critical, however, for your well-being and the health of everyone else. Here are some essential guidelines.

    Handling Dead Animals

    If at all feasible, don’t touch a dead animal or at least use gloves. For tiny creatures like a dead bird on your doorstep, you can use a spade to pick it up and put in a plastic bag.

    Burying Small Animals

    Small pets, like fish and hamsters, are simple to dispose of if you have a back garden. You’ll have to check your local regulations for the conditions for burial. State, county, or town code, like this Missouri statute, instructions tell you how deep you need to bury the dead creature (generally at least 3 or 4 feet) also other requirements.

    When digging, watch out for utility power lines, also avoid occupying an animal near any water source or city likely to flooding.

    Wrap the body in a plastic container, then put it in a case and bury in the deep hole. You may want to put some paving rocks above the spot to deter hunters and plant a shrub or tree to mark the place.

    Home Non-Burial Methods

    Flushing little fish: Flushing fish down the toilet is a simple way to dispose of them too, but more controversial. (Don’t do this with larger fishes, which may clog up the toilet.) Some consider flushing a pet fish is disrespectful, while others are concerned about infected fish in the sewer system. Right now the jury’s out on this practice, so, for now, we suggest either burying the fish or covering it up in a plastic bag or leak-proof container and placing it in the trash. (Also, if one of your fish has died, check the health of your extra fish in your fishbowl also consider replacing the tank water.)

    Refuse disposal: For other short or even average size creatures, you can place the body in a sealed plastic bag and then in a junk bag for rubbish collection. If it’s going to be a while before pickup. , some specialists suggest putting the body in the freezer until pickup time. Again, check by your town’s hygiene guidelines; Normally you have to place each animal in a garbage bag marked “dead dog” or “dead cat” for disposal.

    Dead animal disposal service

    Use our dead animal distribution services form to request late animal departure. We also will remove dead animals from your curb. For more complex dead wildlife departure, like getting rid of dead bird hidden in your walls, we can help so call now!

    Here when you need us 07958 386 455

    We are on call 24 hours a day to help with any Dead Animal Removal!


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