Pest Control Treatment

Pest Control treatment

Pest Control treatment

If you’re similar to most people, the view of a bug or rodent in your house will have you dialing Westin Nielsen before it has a chance to run behind the sofa. Once we arrive, odds are you cover your eyes and ears until their job is completed and your house is pest-free.

But alternatively of bugging out, hear up! There are lots to learn from us, including the most significant ways to prevent later infestations to how to check the ones you previously have. We will let you into a few secrets also give you our top 10 pest control strategy tips.

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    Westin Nielsen is committed to resolving your pests problems once and for all. We cover a wide range of pest control solution below are just a few.

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    Pest Control treatment

      1. A tidy kitchen alone won’t make your house immune to infestations.

      While various insects including rodents are drawn to food, open bags of chips also dirty plates on the counter aren’t the only things that give your house a bug magnet. Rain, as well as food, plays a big role in the attraction and sustainability of bugs. Leaving moisture sources throughout the house or having areas, anywhere moisture may pool, can attract pests. We suggest having gutters unclogged also making certain that downspouts direct water at least 3 to 4 meters away from your home’s foundation. Additionally, beautiful pools and baths should be emptied daily.

      1. There’s almost nothing you can do to keep specific bugs away.

      People tend to believe that maintaining healthy hygiene will stop them from getting bedbugs. This is entirely wrong. Unlike most different insects, bedbugs don’t care about food or moisture—  your blood. Because the bugs travel into your house on bags, clothes or furniture, We suggest being careful about checking items before taking them inside. Empty suitcases in the garage also think twice about pulling up that flea market sofa.

      1. We can do a lot for yourself, but we can’t do everything personally.

      Westin Nielsen will make every attempt to eliminate your pest obstacle happily, but if you don’t participate and do your part, you can’t assume a successful result. It can be frustrating if a client doesn’t follow advice to retain their garage door closed or fix their screen glass. Also, don’t always believe that a strategy wasn’t successful if you continue to spot a critter later on: If you have a bug population in your home, I can promise we will get rid of it. However, I can’t guarantee that tomorrow when you’re at the supermarket store you won’t pick up another and return it inside with you.

      1. On the other hand, we hope you wouldn’t try to fix the problem yourself before calling us.

      There are a lot of bug and rodent methods available at your appliance store that will leave much room for misapplication. In various cases, people will use too many goods or pick up the wrong treatment for their query. Some medicines can cause the problem even worse; for instance, the overapplying product can infect baits that exterminators lay down for treatment, which offers their services less efficient. So bug missiles that people often wrongly buy to treat bed bugs will only end up scattering the pests throughout your home.

      1. Even if you don’t see pests in your home, you’re not sure in the clear.

      Winter is the time of year when rodents want to move inside. They like to be anywhere that’s convenient for people. So still if you don’t have a rodent or insect dilemma right now, it’s a great time to set up exclusionary measures. We suggest placing a tight-fitting weatherstrip at the bottom of all doors, securing loft and foundation vents equipped with ¼-in. Putting a cloth, and introducing insect screening over glasses, utility vents also other areas wherever small pests can slip in. Also, seal up any gaps or cracks in your home’s exterior: Large holes should be filled with the steel wool or wire mesh before sealing with caulk. We can also perform those services for you.

      1. We can’t help you with your head lice.

      While most exterminators will show you that the best part of their work is getting to solve your queries, some problems are behind our area of expertise. Head also body lice are a medical issue, and there’s no reason for a pest management company to treat for them.  

      1. Hire Westin Nielsen who know what we are doing.

      We have followed up after a botched job so many occasions in the past. Prevent an amateur exterminator from coming into your home by using the specialists who will get the job finished right.

      1. You don’t need to worry about the methods that we use.

      Westin Nielsen urges you not to be concerned about the health or environmental impact of pest control treatments. We use the Integrated Pest Management process, which is devoted to using the safest and least amount of product possible to achieve useful results. Also, have reduced pesticide usage for our residential clients by over 76 percent in the last few years (we now use low-impact materials like plant oils) and still gets the same results. People shouldn’t be bothered, but they should be conscious also educated about what processes their pest control company is using.

      1. Not all pests are bad!

      Unlike termites, which make £2.5 billion worth of destruction to homes per year. Or cockroaches, which can produce asthma, not all creepy-crawler is a reason for a major freak-out. Lady beetles, for instance, are helping gardeners, because they eat other bugs, like plant-destroying aphids. Similarly, spiders may shock, but aside from the black widow plus the brown recluse varieties, they’re mostly harmless. Spiders eat other pests, which can be helpful. However, seeing spiders about the house might mean you have an insect infestation, so it’s apparently worth an inspection.

      1. If you have a bug or rodent problem, it’s a good idea to alert your neighbors.

      Home dwellers should tell their neighbors if a pest group has cropped up. If you have roaches or bugs, at a minimum the units next to, above also below you need to be investigated and likely managed. But the problem isn’t confined to multifamily buildings. Rodent plus roach difficulties may affect neighbors in single-family homes, depending on how close they are to one another. If your neighbors have an established infestation, call a Westin Nielsen Services to schedule an investigation to discover if your house is in danger or infested.

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